Devils Line

Returning Series 1 Seasons - 5 Episodes
Image Devils Line

Tsukasa, a college student, is rescued from an attack by a devil, one of many vampires that can blend in among the human population. Anzai, her savior, is a half-devil who exploits his supernatural gifts as a member of a shadowy police task force that specializes in devil-related crime in Tokyo. As Anzai continues to keep guard over Tsukasa, the two quickly forge a tentative bond—one that Anzai fears will test his iron-clad rule of never drinking human blood…

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24m 2018 387 views

Season 1
1 Image Episode 12018
2 Image Episode 22018
3 Image Episode 32018
4 Image Episode 42018
5 Image Episode 52018
  • Original title: Devils Line
  • In Production: Yes
  • First air date: 07-04-2018
  • Last air date: 28-04-2018
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation
  • Rating: 2.0 1 votes
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